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Each of us is a travel enthusiast and has decades of experience in organising and accompanying travel groups.


"Wherever you go on your journey, you will always be sitting in someone else's chair."

Cees Nooteboom

All of us from the INTI Tours team are enthusiastic travellers. And we all originally have an intense connection to Latin America. That is why the roots of INTI Tours are firmly anchored here. Years of constant growth and branching out have made the company a tour operator operating sustainably worldwide and have broadened the horizons of us as employees more and more. In all our travels, however, it was and is a personal concern of each of us to meet the people in the destinations respectfully and at eye level, to appreciate and protect nature and to understand travel as an intercultural exchange. The team of INTI Tours is closely connected with travelling to different regions. We want to make your trip an unforgettable experience.

Simone Probost

Simone Probost (Founder of INTI Tours, Managing Director, Travel Organisation, Administration, Marketing).

lived in South America for 7 years and worked in development cooperation.

In 1997, she founded a first incoming agency in Bolivia, one of today's local partners. Through many years of working in the travel industry, Simone Probost acquired excellent knowledge and expertise in the organisation and implementation of trips. Her professional network in Europe as well as worldwide is INTI Tours' most valuable treasure, from which we can always offer you new surprising travel opportunities.

Olaf Steiner

Olaf Steiner (Founder of INTI Tours, Marketing, Web Master)

lived in South America for more than 5 years and worked closely with the incoming agency in Bolivia in the field of tourism and media productions.

He worked as a tour conductor and accompanied tourists from all over the world on their trips through Latin America and the Caribbean. Through his many years of work, he acquired a broad knowledge of the tourism industry as well as of the country and its people. Today, he supports the team in the background marketing area.


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