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A private tour is a "group tour just for you" - INTI Tours.

You are welcome to choose the itinerary of a group tour alone, as a couple or with acquaintances and then travel "privately" on your desired date!

"The world belongs to the one who enjoys it."

Giacomo Leopardi (1798 - 1837)

You have found a group tour where you like the proposed itinerary with the route and all the highlights, but you do not like to travel in a group? 

Then you are right with our private tours. You can take any of our proposed group tours also as a private tour for two or with acquaintances at a time of your choice.

For our private tours all services listed for the group tours are identical. However, due to the increased effort on site, a corresponding surcharge will be due for a private trip, which may vary depending on the number of participants.

Please contact us below and tell us your desired private trip. You will then receive a corresponding price offer from us.


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