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Diversity of the homeland

Travel doesn't always have to take you to far-flung regions for unique new experiences. Germany has much to offer - a kaleidoscope of destinations and possibilities. Places known far beyond its borders include Neuschwanstein Castle, Cologne Cathedral, the Hanseatic city of Hamburg, the Berlin Gate, and a boat trip across the Rhine or along the Moselle River. You can explore the wineries of the many winegrowers in the most beautiful regions of Germany, ride a bike on fantastic routes or proverbially over hill and dale. Hiking in fantastic mountain scenery, sailing on the Baltic or North Sea, wellness vacations in charming houses in fantastic locations. Germany can be discovered in many different ways and many a surprise awaits you in our home country. Get to know your own home country from a new perspective when traveling in Germany, discover little gems of time out and enjoy the short journey.

Again and again we offer special trips with cooperation partners to our closer surroundings. Here you will find current travel offers within Germany. 
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