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Travel is only conducted to destinations that are safe and do not have a travel warning issued by the State Department. Our local partner agencies, guides, hotels, vehicles and other service providers comply with all COVID-19 requirements. Here we would like to transparently communicate with you the new measures regarding safety, health and cleanliness that arise due to Covid-19.

Important for yourself:

The general hygiene recommendations of the Robert Koch Institute ( apply to all INTI Tours trips. Compliance with the general hygiene rules is also particularly important when traveling. This includes regular hand washing or disinfection, sneezing or coughing only into the crook of your arm or into a handkerchief, and keeping your hands away from your face as much as possible!

Please bring your usual mouth/nose protection and disinfectant with you on your trip. There is plenty of disinfectant available in many places. Please avoid any kind of contact with other tour guests, the guide and the driver. We especially ask for non-contact greetings and goodbyes.

If you experience SARS-CoV-2 associated symptoms (e.g. non-specific general symptoms, acute respiratory symptoms of any severity, loss of sense of smell and taste) during the trip, please inform the tour guide immediately.

In the hotel and restaurant:

In the hotel and restaurants, you must wear a mouth/nose guard in all public areas, but you can remove it at the table.

During the sightseeing tours:

Please keep the necessary distance of at least 1.5 meters from fellow passengers during the sightseeing tours. If you feel that the necessary distance is not being maintained by fellow passengers, please put on your mouth/nose protection. Mouth/nose protection must always be worn during interior tours. Where possible, we will provide you with an audio headset so that you can clearly understand all explanations.


Due to Corona-related access restrictions to individual visit sites, there may be last-minute changes or rearrangements in the itinerary. Overall, itineraries will be designed even more creatively and adapted to the new requirements of social distancing. Since INTI Tours has always offered tailor-made trips for individual travelers as well as special offers for small groups and uses small accommodations run by locals whenever possible as well as creates a lot of nature experiences, the reorientation is not difficult.

Specialized and safe itineraries give you, our valued customers, experiences that include emotional well-being, self-improvement, knowledge, benefits, personal challenges and connection to nature. 
Recognizing the social value of tourism, for example, by supporting local communities and conservation projects, has been part of our mission since INTI Tours was founded.

Decisive for the implementation of a trip are the travel warnings of the Foreign Office.
If travel warnings are issued for individual countries, regions or cities, we reserve the right to cancel the trip even at short notice. In this case, you will be given the opportunity to postpone your trip or to have your payments refunded. For us your health has absolute priority. Even in the unlikely event of another travel warning during the trip, our customers who have booked a package or individual trip with us will of course be recalled.

INTI Tours continues to keep track of all Foreign Office destinations and travel advisories worldwide and will proactively contact you in the event of any changes affecting your trip.

We thank you for your understanding. These measures are for your safety and that of your fellow travelers.

Your INTI Tours Team!


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