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In addition to our "general" travel offers such as group tours, private tours and customized tours, we offer special tours such as rail tours and railroad romance, project and study tours, honeymoon tours, mourning tours, hiking and trekking tours, family tours... to.

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Women travel

Women travel differently... They stroll and enjoy, are interested in art and music, fascinating life stories, exciting cities and extraordinary projects. They like to laugh together, to store together and to spend time with like-minded people. Again and again we offer you very special women's trips - check this page occasionally...

Railroad Romance

Rail travel has been a special focus of INTI Tours' portfolio since its inception. Not only for friends of the railroad the advertised railroad tours can become an unforgettable experience. Besides many sights in the different countries of Latin America, the main focus is on the railroads. Browse through the section Our rail tours and find your personal favorite rail tour.

Under the brand INTI MediaTours, various film productions for the SWR broadcast "Eisenbahn-Romantik" were realized in the past.

Incentive trips and events

For companies or associations INTI Tours offers worldwide trips specially tailored to the clients and their company profile. The main objective is to fully satisfy the client and their employees, members or customers. The positive result, namely satisfied and highly motivated employees, members or customers, creates positive business developments and a good working atmosphere almost by itself. For the company or association, this means a stronger bond with employees, members or customers as well as a positive feeling of togetherness among each other. Translated with (free version) Contact us, tell us your ideas and  get competent and expert advice..
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Project and study trips

Project and study tours deliberately focus on one or more themes during the trip. For example, food and luxury foods, flora and fauna, textile handicrafts, crafts and arts, literature and music, photography, historical sites and cultural heritage, as well as social and partner projects. During the trip, places, schools and/or projects are visited, looked at more closely and studied in depth. INTI Tours provides an intensive insight into the respective topic, which is reported on in detail during the trip in addition to the project visits.   The project and study tours take place worldwide as group tours.  

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Study Trip: Cuba Total

A study tour of Cuba: get to know tropical landscapes, nostalgia and hospitality, splendid colonial architecture and a rich cultural life as well as everyday life on this unique Caribbean island during this trip.

14 days Gruppenreise 6 up to 14 travellers

upon request

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You don't want to celebrate an ordinary wedding?
Maybe you want to say "I do" in a paradisiacal place of your dreams - intimately just the two of you or with your closest family and friends?
Would you like to combine your wedding with a wonderful trip?  
Or simply plan your honeymoon with us?

We will be happy to create your dream wedding according to your wishes in our travel manufactory! Honeymoons are as unique as you are as a couple. Every detail is determined by your personality and your own requirements and style. Tell us what you have in mind and what your wedding travel destination should be - we will take care of everything, because: eternal moments are created when happiness is allowed to be perfect and carefree.

Honeymoon in Jamaica

In the heart of the Caribbean, your wedding together with your honeymoon will be a unique experience - let yourself be surprised and enjoy Jamaica.

15 days Individualreise 2 up to 2 travellers

upon request

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Honeymoon in Mexico

Your wedding at Playa Riviera will be a unique romantic experience. Our local agency will organize everything according to your wishes, you can just enjoy.

15 days Individualreise 2 up to 20 travellers

upon request

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Hiking and Trekking Tours

Hiking and trekking tours can be realized all over Latin America. Depending on the time of travel and the level of difficulty, INTI Tours can make a tailor-made offer to suit you and your physical condition. If you already have a concrete or even a vague idea of your planned tour - talk to us. Hiking and trekking tours can be booked as group tours or individually. You will be accompanied by professional and licensed local mountain guides, who know the conditions in the travel area very well. You also have the possibility to rent the necessary equipment on site.  

For traveling couples or groups who want to do different tours or mountain climbs, there is the possibility to realize two different itineraries in parallel, depending on your interests. We will be happy to assist you with your desired hiking or trekking trip.

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Here you can find examples of hiking and trekking trips:

Israel pilgrimage

Pilgrimage through the mountains of Galilee and the Judean desert to Jerusalem from 15-23 September 2022 and experience hiking, encounters, intercultural and -interfaith exchanges....

9 days Gruppenreise 12 up to 20 travellers

starting at 3.190 € (flight included)

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Volcano Trekking Ecuador

Active on the road in the Andes: Sunrises over imposing volcanic cones, hut romance, camaraderie on the mountain, pompous ice walls and gigantic views of the surrounding 5000 meters make this sporty-active vacation an unforgettable mountain adventure!

15 days Gruppenreise 2 up to 12 travellers

upon request

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Inca Trail & Cruise on the Rio Marmore

Short programme to the Bolivian lowlands - also possible as an extension! Would you like to hike and also get to know the Bolivian Amazon lowlands? Then this "active short programme" is just right for you!

7 days Gruppenreise 2 up to 8 travellers

upon request

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Family Travel

INTI Tours has been organizing family trips for many years. For us, vacationing with children and teenagers means planning a trip that meets all interests - with separate activities for parents, children or teenagers as well as joint activities for the whole family.

Tell us your wishes, and we will design your personal family tour. The tours and visits will be tailored to your interests. Nature experiences and adventures should not be neglected. The trips will be adjusted to the family budget, so that traveling in Latin America with the whole family is possible.

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Mourning trips

Grief and vacation - how does that fit together?
Loss and mourning are an endless pain that cannot be consoled by anything. Give your current life feeling of grief the necessary space and find new strength in your own soul during an offer of a grief journey, which can help you for your orientation in a further stage of life. Take time for yourself, for your grief and for your open questions about meaning and about God. Let yourself be carried by impulses and the exchange of experiences. Feel how liberating movement in nature can be during activities in the fresh air. On all of our grief journeys, a well-balanced program awaits you with time for exchange, contemplation, encounters, nature, joy and silence, as well as professional, sensitive grief counseling with many years of experience.

Current Travel Specials...

Here you will always find our current special and themed tours in Latin America, Europe and the rest of the world. We offer these travel specials in cooperation with selected partners. Take a look every now and then and find your suitable trip...

INTI MediaTours 

Agency for media productions in Latin America and the Caribbean

INTI MediaTours is a brand of INTI Tours  and offers film production companies, TV stations, photographers, journalists and advertising agencies individual consulting as well as professional planning and organization of tours for shootings or film shoots. INTI MediaTours is characterized by great expertise and many years of experience in the field of media productions. Under the preparation of Simone Probost and Olaf Steiner, a large number of shoots for various documentaries, travel programs and reports have already been filmed in Latin America and the Caribbean, as well as photo shoots. 

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