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INTI Tours e.K.

Hauffstr. 15
73326 Deggingen

Phone: +49 (0)7334 959741
Fax: +49 (0)7334-959745

VAT ID: DE230287470
Tax number: 62321/22206
Company registration number: HRA 541078
Registration court: district court Geislingen/Steige

Bank details

Account owner:
INTI Tours e.K.

GLS Bank
IBAN: DE70 4306 0967 7038 1339 00

Information requirements

Authorized representative owner: Simone Probost
Commercial Register: HRA 541078 (AG Geislingen/Steige)
VAT ID: DE230287470
Responsible i. s.d. MDStV: Simone Probost
Brand: INTI Tours ® is a registered trademark at the German Trademark and Patent Office

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INTI Tours e.K.

Hauffstr. 15
73326 Deggingen
Phone: +49 7334 959741
Fax: +49 7334-959745

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