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Fantastic landscapes, best cuisine and urban centers with flair

Portugal really offers everything you expect from a great vacation. Sunbathing on white powder sugar beaches with exciting activities, a city trip to Porto or Lisbon with the unique Portuguese architecture or a trip to the hinterland of Portugal to the growing areas of the best wines, olive oils and other culinary delights. Taste the Pastel de Nata - a puff pastry filled with custard or enjoy the famous port wine. In Lisbon you can book an adventure day in the Tuctuc, take a boat trip in the beautiful Douro Valley in a traditional Rabelo boat or spend a night in a luxurious wine barrel. Portugal is so diverse, varied and beautiful that you can definitely make your heart shine with sunny memories. Or you can travel to one of the Atlantic islands like Madeira, the Azores or Porto Santo. Here, dreamlike sandy beaches, spectacular hiking trails, extinct volcanoes and subtropical Caribbean feeling are waiting for you. 

Again and again we offer special trips with cooperation partners to our closer surroundings. Here you can find current travel offers to Portugal. 
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