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Discover Bosnia and Herzegovina

The southern European country of Bosnia and Herzegovina is considered an absolute insider tip among travelers. Tourism is still in its infancy here, but that is precisely why there is so much to see and do in the region. Most people know Bosnia and Herzegovina as a first-class winter sports destination. But few people know that the country also has a lot to offer in the summer.
For a long time, Bosnia and Herzegovina was considered the gateway to Europe for the world to the south and east. From ancient Rome to Constantinople to the birthplace of the Bogomils, the heartland of the Ottoman Republic, later in the middle of the last century with fierce resistance to fascism -Bosnia and Herzegovina can boast a profound history. The friendly people are ready to welcome visitors. The region is predominantly Muslim, but one notices this almost only in the mosques and cemeteries. There is very little crime in the country.
The impressive mountain scenery is great for hiking and biking, the many clear mountain lakes invite you for a refreshing swim or relaxing fishing, and the numerous mighty rivers offer plenty of action-packed kayaking and boating. In addition, the country is very affordable by European standards.
All our Bosnia and Herzegovina travel offers are carried out in cooperation with the Learn for Life Empowerment Project. The project tries - among many other things - to build up a local tourism offer by working together with locals and with refugees in order to provide a sustainable and stable existence for the people involved. In addition, the proceeds of the tourism project should create stable living conditions on site, so that people discard their thoughts of flight due to a new perspective and stay there with their potential of knowledge and skills. If you are looking for originality in Europe and at the same time want to support a good cause, then dare something completely new and travel with us to Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Again and again we offer special trips with cooperation partners to our closer surroundings. Here you can find current travel offers to Bosnia and Herzegovina. 
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Natural wonders and ancient culture around Bihac

Bosnia - active in Una National Park you are around Bihac - experience 6 days of pure nature in the mountains and on the waters in Una National Park.

6 days Individualreise 1 up to 8 travellers

upon request

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