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INTI Tours is a certified tour operator for sustainable tourism

The tour operator INTI Tours is small, fine and therefore very flexible. Our team is closely connected with travelling to the most diverse regions. We are networked worldwide with partner agencies and offer group, private as well as customised tours. Our roots are in South and Central America and the Caribbean, where we are well established. This has resulted in a worldwide network that enables us to respond flexibly and professionally to any changes in the market. The special aim of our tailor-made tours is to enable direct contact with the people and a deep insight into the fascinating culture, history and tradition of the destination region.

Who is INTI? - Naming and identity

INTI - also called Taya INTI - is the sun god and the god of the rainbow in Inca mythology. The signet is an image of the god Wiracocha, which is located on the Sun Gate in Tiwanaku in Bolivia. According to myths and legends, Wiracocha was considered creative and creative.

The rainbow flag has a long tradition and has served as a sign of tolerance, diversity, hope and longing in many cultures around the world. The colours of the rainbow were also used in the national flag of the Inca Empire, the Tahuantinsuyo.

Travel philosophy

In the spirit of tolerance, diversity and respect for people and nature, INTI Tours strives for a type of tourism that is ecologically sustainable, economically feasible and ethically and socially just for local communities. INTI Tours offers clients a direct insight into the fascinating culture, history and traditions of the destination regions. As a specialist tour operator and pioneer in tailor-made nightlife travel, INTI Tours has over 18 years of experience. INTI Tours was founded in Bolivia in 1997. Since 2003, INTI Tours has been based in Germany in the form of a sole proprietorship. Read more...

Sustainability in the company

INTI Tours' mission statement is subject to five guidelines according to which sustainable visions and values are communicated and the tours are designed

As a member of forum anders reisen e. V., an association of small and medium-sized tour operators, INTI Tours aims to promote and support sustainability in tourism. In doing so, compliance with the catalogue of criteria, which focuses on the environmental and social compatibility of the travel offers, is observed. Read more...

What does CSR mean?

CSR - Corporate Social Responsibility describes the company's contribution to sustainable development. It stands for a responsible and sustainable way of doing business, in which social, ecological and economic aspects are included in the core business of the company. Sustainability reports, which are also referred to as CSR reports, provide measurable and verifiable information on how social, ecological and economic responsibility is implemented in the company.

On the basis of criteria, various company activities such as product development, selection of accommodation partners and service providers in the travel countries, corporate governance, management, water and energy supply, CO2 emissions, use of working materials, responsibility towards employees and customers and local value creation are examined. The data obtained is presented in the CSR report. 

INTI Tours participated in the form of a pilot company in the development of a guide for tourism enterprises on the topic of CSR reporting in tourism (sustainability reports for SMEs in tourism). This project was carried out through the Kontaktstelle für Umwelt & Entwicklung KATE in cooperation with forum anders reisen e.V.TOURISM WATCH (a working unit of the Protestant Development Service EED) and uni europa. The project was funded by the European Union.

Upon request, you are welcome to order the sustainability report of INTI Tours.

The INTI Tours team

"Wherever you go on your journey, you will always be sitting in someone else's chair."

Cees Nooteboom

All of us in the INTI Tours team are enthusiastic travellers. And we all have an intense connection to Latin America, from which INTI Tours was once founded. From this stable foundation, the company has developed further, opened up new regions and is now very well established worldwide. In all our tours, it was and is a personal concern of each of our team to meet the people in the destinations respectfully and at eye level, to appreciate and protect nature and to understand travel as an intercultural exchange. With this in mind, we work together to make your trip an all-round successful and unforgettable experience.

Simone Probost

Founder of INTI Tours, Managing Director, Travel Organisation, Administration, Marketing

lived in South America for 7 years and worked in development cooperation.

In 1997, she founded her first incoming agency in Bolivia, one of today's local partners. Through many years of working in the travel industry, Simone Probost acquired excellent knowledge and expertise in the organisation and implementation of tours. Her professional network in Europe as well as worldwide is INTI Tours' most valuable treasure, from which we can always offer you new surprising travel opportunities.


Olaf Steiner

Founder of INTI Tours, Marketing, Web Master

lived in South America for over 5 years and worked closely with the incoming agency in Bolivia in the field of tourism and media productions.

He worked as a tour conductor and accompanied tourists from all over the world on their trips through Latin America and the Caribbean. Through his many years of work, he acquired a broad knowledge of the tourism industry as well as of the country and its people. Today, he supports the team in the background marketing area.



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