INTI Tours

INTI Tours' travel philosophy: sustainable and value-oriented

Travel should be environmentally sustainable, economically feasible, ethical and socially just for local communities.

In the spirit of tolerance, diversity and respect for people and nature, INTI Tours wants to give its customers a direct insight into the fascinating culture, history and tradition of the destination regions. As a specialist tour operator and pioneer in tailor-made nightlife travel, INTI Tours can look back on over 17 years of experience. INTI Tours was founded in Bolivia in 1997. Since 2003 INTI Tours has been based in Germany in the form of a sole proprietorship.

INTI Tours stands for direct and open contact with the country and its people, for extensive information and detailed knowledge of history, traditions and culture, for unique tours with numerous highlights. 

The roots of INTI Tours lie in South and Central America as well as in the Caribbean, where we are well established. This has resulted in a worldwide network that enables us to respond flexibly and professionally to any changes in the market. In the meantime, we can draw on a wide range of knowledge and experience in many regions.

INTI Tours consists of a flexible and creative team with a high level of competence and the aim to let our clients experience our world in an incomparable way. All tours are organised exclusively in cooperation with reliable and competent local partners. In doing so, the tourism of each country is supported in a sustainable way. 

Particular attention is paid to the communication of values and the preservation of cultural heritage. Thus, travel participants are asked to be considerate and respectful of the foreign culture in order to protect the socio-cultural structures of the host countries. When visiting cultural and historical sites, special care is taken to ensure that local tours are conducted authentically by local licensed and state-certified tour guides.

A priority approach for INTI Tours is to link tourism and development cooperation locally and in Germany. The development and sustainable establishment of the local tourism industry means a lucrative source of income and a strong economic sector for the host countries. Tourism geared towards sustainability helps to strengthen structures, especially in remote areas, to offer local communities an economic alternative and thus to counteract the disintegration of the socio-cultural heritage and to prevent the population from migrating to urban areas. With extreme caution and under the premise of sustainability, INTI Tours is involved in the development and implementation of sustainable new tourism approaches and concepts in the various regions and countries. Often, development cooperation projects are linked with tourism here.

In cooperation with development cooperation organisations, INTI Tours regularly carries out development policy public relations work at schools, in companies, at associations or interest groups and in communities. These events aim at raising awareness for the special situation in the target regions by conveying information and promote sensitisation for people from other cultural backgrounds. At the cultural events organised by INTI Tours, exhibitions, music and dance performances or the offering of culinary delicacies make it possible to experience encounters with foreigners, promote cultural exchange and stimulate curiosity about travelling to distant countries. 

As a member of forum anders reisen, an association of small and medium-sized tour operators, INTI Tours aims to promote and support sustainability in tourism.


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