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From the first interest to the actual trip...

Booking process: Initial contact - planning your trip - your booking - travel insurance, entry requirements & vaccinations

First contact

You got to know us at a travel fair or came across us via this website...
In the run-up to your trip we would like to take care of you in the best possible way - starting with your inquiry up to the last travel information, which you will receive from about two weeks before departure. Our claim is to offer you as our customer a comprehensive professional service. We want you to feel safe and in good hands with us with all your travel needs. 

Above all, the individual travel wishes of our customers are important to us.
Do you have an idea or a special travel request? - Ask us, even if you don't find your destination or your travel idea on this website. We are a small travel agency and that is our strength. Through our wide network in the destination countries we can respond to your personal wishes and react flexibly. Our goal is to make your travel dreams come true.
Call us and talk to us. Or contact us via the contact form.

Planning your trip

The earlier you know where you want to travel and especially how you want to be on the road, the more relaxed the travel planning can be. Hotel and flight allotments are hard to come by at short notice at certain times of the year (vacations around Christmas, Easter and Carnival). Therefore, it makes sense for you to contact us at least half a year before your desired travel date - or even earlier if you prefer.

For a tailor-made trip, we will take your ideas and concepts and work out a first draft.For example, do you like to travel actively and would like to hike as often as possible or are you a cyclist? Is your focus more on meeting and interacting with the local population? Would you like to add bathing days after your round trip? How high is your travel budget? Do you want as much program as possible organized and accompanied? Or are you more of an individualist and value a lot of free space and time that you can spend on site yourself? - All this and more we try to capture and compile in our travel manufactory to a first travel draft for you. 
On the basis of this first draft, you can express your wishes for changes, shift the focus, cancel or add days, and express additional wishes - and we use this to fine-tune the program. The final itinerary is not ready until you are 100 percent satisfied. This is followed by your booking of the trip. If at that time one of the selected accommodations is no longer available, we will look for an alternative of the same standard.

For our small group trips, we usually have a certain number of flights and rooms reserved that we can only block until a certain time, depending on the conditions of the providers. Therefore, we ask that you not be too tight on your travels, even on the group tours.

If you are interested in one of our already advertised trips, you can request it directly on the website.

The earlier you contact us, the better rates we will get and the more relaxed we can make your desired trip.


When all questions about your trip have been clarified, we look forward to receiving your booking.

Our service offer can be booked without flights - i.e. exclusively the land program in the destination area - or also completely with a corresponding flight offer. Our departure airport is usually Frankfurt. Connecting flights to the airport near you are often included in the tour price. Please contact us directly for information about possible flight connections to your destination.

When you make your booking, we need to know that you accept our travel conditions. After a few days you will receive your booking confirmation by mail. In addition to the description of services, it contains your legally required insurance certificate, additional insurance information and the invoice for your trip. Upon receipt, please transfer the designated deposit and by the specified date the balance to our account. Payment by credit card is also possible, please contact us.

The starting signal for your trip has been given!

Travel insurance, entry requirements & vaccinations

At the same time as your booking confirmation, you will receive comprehensive documentation for taking out travel cancellation insurance, luggage insurance, foreign travel health insurance and 24-hour travel emergency insurance. We cooperate with HanseMerkur, which also offers a special Corona insurance.

Under the following links you can have a look at the individual insurance packages and calculate for yourself what the corresponding insurance would cost in your case. The contract will not be concluded immediately, but only when you initiate this by clicking on the corresponding button:

Wir empfehlen Ihnen ausdrücklich und zu Ihrer eigenen Sicherheit die für Sie wichtigen Versicherungen abzuschließen, legen es jedoch in Ihre Verantwortung von diesem Angebot Gebrauch zu machen.

hre Reisepreisabsicherung erfolgt durch die Zurich Versicherung und Sie als Kunde können sich bei Rückfragen gerne an den Insolvenzversicherer für Reiseveranstalter Kaera wenden.

Bei jeder von uns ausgeschriebenen Reise finden Sie auch die entsprechenden Visa- und Einreisebestimmungen. Generell können Sie sich auch stets über das Auswärtige Amt über die aktuellen Einreisebestimmungen für deutsche Staatsbürger selbst informieren.

Wir bitten Sie, dass Sie sich rechtzeitig über ausreichenden Infektions- und Impfschutz sowie andere Prophylaxemaßnahmen bei Ihrem Hausarzt, im Tropenmedizinischen Institut oder auf dem Gesundheitsamt sowie der Bundeszentrale für Gesundheitliche Aufklärung informieren. Generell sollten Sie einen stabilen Gesundheitszustand haben. Dies gilt insbesondere bei Reisen in unterschiedliche Höhenlagen sowie durch verschiedene Klimazonen.

Zur aktuell besonderen Situation mit der Covid19-Pandemie haben wir ein INTI Tours - Sicherheits- und Hygienekonzept ausgearbeitet.

Before the trip

From 14 days before your planned INTI Tours trip you will receive your final travel information from us. This includes the current itinerary, your flight ticket with flight information (e-ticket, rail & fly ticket), in case of a group tour the list of participants of your tour group, a hotel list, if applicable all information about your rental car, vouchers - depending on the services you have booked.

We have carefully selected your accommodations. They are clean and stylish middle class hotels. All double rooms - with a few exceptions, which are marked accordingly in the services - have a bathroom with shower and toilet. For an extra charge you can of course book a single room.
Breakfast is always included. Any other meals included are indicated accordingly in the itinerary.

You will receive an emergency phone number of our local contact person for any kind of travel disturbance or other incidents.
We always plan and organize each trip together with our selected partners in South America. This is indispensable for us from the point of view of professional ethics, because in our eyes only the local people have the right to present their country and to participate in tourism and the resulting economic upswing of their country. Many tourist facilities are therefore only visited and inspected in the company of a local tourist guide. In this way, you can feel that you are in the best of hands during your individual dream trip.

On selected group tours you will be accompanied by our qualified German tour guide. Thus, all your wishes, questions and needs can be addressed on site at any time.

On the road

We want your trip to be a dreamlike time for you, one that you will remember fondly for a long time to come.

Anticipatory safety precautions will let you fully enjoy your travel time.

Please do not carry larger amounts of money and your travel documents in a handbag, but directly on your body. In every hotel there is the possibility to have valuables and travel documents locked in the hotel safe. Make copies and take photos (smartphone, camera) of your documents and bank cards to be able to get a quick replacement in case of loss. Protect your bank and credit cards with a scan-proof sleeve. Valuable jewelry is best left at home for your own safety. You should never leave your luggage unattended, even on the bus during short breaks.

We recommend that you also take out baggage insurance. You will receive the relevant documents with your booking confirmation.

A trip to different climatic zones and altitudes requires careful and practical travel clothing. This includes light summer clothing, sun hat and sunglasses as well as warm transitional clothing with a warm sweater, hat if necessary, gloves, a warm jacket and rain jacket.

When traveling to high mountain regions, we recommend that you drink sweetened coca tea against altitude sickness after arriving at the airport. If possible, refrain from alcoholic beverages during the first 24 hours and avoid any exertion.

You will receive an emergency telephone number of our local contact persons for any kind of travel disturbance or other incidents.

After the trip

Your opinion is important to us!
You will receive a travel evaluation form with your travel documents. We ask that you fill it out after your trip and return it to us. By doing so, you will help us to constantly improve our travel service. We value your suggestions and comments regarding our travel services.

Additionally, we welcome feedback with travel stories and photos for our travel blog as well as our social networks.

And if you were satisfied with INTI Tours - please recommend us!

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