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Our long-standing partnerships in Germany and around the world are based on trust and give mutual recognition.

"If spiders weave together, they can tie up a lion."

Ethiopian proverb

Cooperation partners and projects - INTI Tours: As a tour operator we work closely with some partners in Germany but also in all our destinations. Basically, we always try to offer you unique travel experiences during your trip. To do this, we are better in association with good partners, because together we develop more authentic and higher quality products and recognise the knowledge, experience and local knowledge of our cooperation partners. In doing so, we always strive for cooperation at eye level.

As a small tour operator with many years of experience and a wide range of offers, we have a clear view of many conditions in the countries of this world and are thus very aware of our social responsibility. Since the foundation of INTI Tours, it has been our concern to provide active development cooperation in the host countries. On many of our tours we visit and support social and/or nature projects.

In the following, we would like to introduce you to a few of our most intensive and long-standing partner organisations and projects:

For many years we have been guests and exhibitors at the big olive oil festival "Oliandi" in Zellertal, which ZAIT traditionally organises in spring in cooperation with the WICK winery. In cooperation with ZAIT, we regularly offer trips to various small cooperatives in the olive production areas, where you can lend a hand and witness the entire process of olive processing into the best olive oil. The warmth and hospitality of the rural cooperatives remain unforgettable.

ZAIT: Since 2001, ZAIT has been offering exclusive olive oils directly from producers in Italy, Spain, Greece and Portugal. Transparency from the olive on the tree to the kitchen at home is the guiding principle. Thomas Fuhlrott, the initiator of ZAIT, is a founding member of the "German Olive Oil Panel" and tastes and certifies several hundred oils a year. This knowledge is reflected in the selection of olive oils.

Since 2019, we have been offering trips to the tea-growing region of Darjeeling in India in cooperation with TEEKAMPAGNE - leading importer and seller of sustainable, transparently traded and premium Darjeeling. For one week you stay in the middle of the tea gardens, enjoy the regional cuisine with daily tea ceremonies, can try your hand at picking tea yourself and visit the various production sites for the fine Darjeeling that TEEKAMPAGNE then sells here in Germany.

TEEKAMPAGNE - In simplicity lies the highest perfection. Since 1985, the tea campaign has shown that beneficial trade is possible for consumers and producers alike. This is achieved by consistently limiting the assortment. There are only a few types of tea, but they are of the highest quality. And only in bulk packs. Without intermediate trade. Material, storage costs and ways are saved in order to be able to offer fine tea at an unusually low price. The steep slopes of Darjeeling produce a tea with a unique aroma. No wonder Darjeeling is considered the 'champagne of teas'.

We have many connections with the charming Melva Mode Cafe in Stuttgart's West by Andrea Scheufler. Firstly, we love fair trade fashion ourselves, secondly, we love the charming, highly committed Andrea and thirdly, it's fun to spin ideas together with her. That's how the idea for FairFashion Travel came about a few years ago, i.e. trips to the sustainable labels offered at Melva, combined with a trendy special programme.

At Melva Mode Cafe you will find "fashion with good karma - fair and beautiful". The charming corner café run by Andrea Scheufler and her team describes itself as follows: Fashion for him and her. Art. Culture. Love of detail. Scandinavia. Good mood. Sustainability. Fine fashion. Eye-catching. Shoes. Bags. Relaxed atmosphere. Calories. Jewellery. Cappuccino. Gifts. Music. Passion.

Since 2017, we have been organising various trips with special topics in cooperation with the Evangelischen Bildungszentrum Hospitalhof Stuttgart - always matching the programme of the Hospitalhof. We have already organised long-distance trips to India (town twinning) and South Africa (Nelson Mandela anniversary) or trips to the immediate vicinity such as Trier (Karl Marx), Spain (wine), Italy (forest) or Brussels (EU). Unfortunately, we had to postpone the trip to Mexiko and the study trip through Israel due to Corona

The Evangelische Bildungszentrum Hospitalhof Stuttgart is the centre of the Protestant Church in Stuttgart for education, culture and spirituality. The educational offers of the Hospitalhof are based on the Christian image of man. They are open to all people, regardless of culture and religion.

Another close cooperation partner is the Evangelische Gemeindeblatt für Württemberg. Under the motto "Experience what we believe in. Traveling with spirit and heart", the Evangelisches Gemeindeblatt offers its readers an annually changing portfolio of special reader trips. Since 2018, we have been allowed to be creatively involved and have already organised and carried out a wide variety of readers' trips, e.g. to Finland, Jordan and Cyprus. This year, various pilgrimages as well as a trip to Mongolia are on the agenda.

The Evangelische Gemeindeblatt für Württemberg is the church newspaper for the regional church. It wants to create a connection between the reader and your church and offer a view beyond your own church tower. This is done through informed opinions on current problems, in-depth treatment of questions of faith and life, the interpretation of biblical messages close to the present, as well as articles for reflection and entertainment. The Evangelisches Gemeindeblatt für Württemberg is published weekly.

We have already been able to develop special trips to thematic exhibitions twice in cooperation with the LINDEN-MUSEUM-STUTTGART. Once was a Once was a Peru trip "On the Trail of the Incas" to the large national exhibition "INKA - Kings of the Andes" and then another  and then another Mexico trip "500 Years after the Landing of Hernán Cortés in the Empire of the Aztecs - a Search for Traces" to the large national exhibition "AZTEKEN". Unfortunately, we had to postpone this Aztec trip due to Corona, but we will certainly make up for it in due course.

The LINDEN-MUSEUM-STUTTGART is an ethnological museum in which all cultures of the world are regarded as equal. The museum assumes responsibility for the cultural memory of mankind, presents the diversity of human culture and realises the direct, sensual as well as intellectual encounter with original objects. The aim is to raise awareness of the dynamics of cultural processes and the view of the world of yesterday, today and tomorrow. The LINDEN-MUSEUM-STUTTGART actively promotes encounters and dialogue between people of different cultures.

The city of Stuttgart maintains a total of ten twinning arrangements with various partner cities. In 2018, together with the Hospitalhof Stuttgart, we were able to organise and carry out an extraordinary encounter trip to India on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the twinning between Mumbai and Stuttgart.

Stuttgart is one of the pioneers of town twinning: the first town twinning was established with St. Helens in England as early as 1948. Learning from each other, sharing experiences and living together - town twinning strengthens professional and cultural exchange. The city of Stuttgart has a total of ten twinned towns. Stuttgart's city partnerships bring people together, promote understanding and tolerance, break down prejudices and form a cornerstone of European unification and worldwide rapprochement.

Since the foundation of INTI Tours, we have been closely associated with SEZ - Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-WürttembergIn 2009, the FAIR HANDELN Stuttgart trade fair was launched as an international trade fair for globally responsible and sustainable action and INTI Tours has been involved from the very beginning as an exhibitor in the field of "sustainable tourism".

The Stiftung Entwicklungs-Zusammenarbeit Baden-Württemberg aims to raise awareness among the people of Baden-Württemberg for globally responsible action and to show how everyone can do something for a fairer world. The foundation promotes and networks private, municipal and regional initiatives to improve and deepen development cooperation with the countries of the Global South.

KRUPP . CONSULTANTS . already accompanied the founding process of INTI Tours in an advisory capacity and Burkhard Krupp is still a valuable, highly valued advisor to us today.

KRUPP . CONSULTANTS . focuses on moderation, consulting and coaching. Our work is intercultural, interdisciplinary and transcends departmental and company boundaries. Clients benefit from many years of experience with people from different sectors and cultures. Moderators from all continents are also trained.

The PETER GÖBEL GRAFIKATELIER is our long-standing partner for the design of INTI Tours brochures. 

With over 25 years of experience in the industry, graphic design solutions are created that are individually tailored to the needs of the customer. Advertising materials that touch emotionally, inform, are never boring and sell. Classically from advertisements, flyers, posters, corporate design to catalogues, customer magazines, magazine layouts and much more.

INTI Tours is a member of the SWR Eisenbahn-Romantik ClubRail travel has been a special focus of INTI Tours' portfolio since its inception. Not only for friends of the railway can the advertised rail tours become an unforgettable experience. In the past, various film productions for the SWR programme Eisenbahn-Romantik were realised under the INTI MediaTours brand.

The SWR Eisenbahn-Romantik Club connects railway enthusiasts of all kinds and provides information on the subject of railways even beyond the SWR programme Eisenbahn-Romantik.

INTI Tours is also a member of the Geb. Märklin and the Freunden Lateinamerikanischer Bahnen.

One of our regular partners for city tours in La Paz is the shoeshine project VAMOS JUNTOS - which means TOGETHER. Since 2013, VAMOS JUNTOS has been offering city tours of a different kind through the centre of La Paz. The special thing about these tours is that all the important and well-known points of the city are presented and explained by shoeshine boys. Along the way, you will also learn something about the work of the shoeshine boys. During the tours you will be accompanied by VAMOS JUNTOS members who will translate the information given by the shoeshine boys into German or English.

The aim of VAMOS JUNTOS is to improve the living conditions of the shoe shiners and their families in La Paz in terms of education, health and social recognition. The work is based on the concept of helping people to help themselves and on personal encounters and support: a partnership at eye level.

In 2018, we visited the day care centre and school "Cantinho do Céu" in Aracaju/Brazil for the first time with a travel group. We were all moved and touched by the wonderful work that Júnia and Thomas Zettler and their team do there with great commitment and passion. We are eagerly waiting to be able to organise the next trip of the German association again after the Corona pandemic...

Since its foundation in 2009, the non-profit organisation Stückchen Himmel e.V. has been working to gain a larger circle of supporters for the Cantinho do Céu day care centre and school. There, around 200 children from the favelas (slums) of Aracaju/Brazil are provided with the most important things: food, clothing, education and loving attention. These children are to be given a "Cantinho do Céu", a "little piece of heaven" and the chance of a better future.

Visit the aid project "Frederic-Hilfe für Peru" and the organic farmers in Peru with PERÚ PURO. The trip offers you insights into the cultivation of organically produced and fairly traded premium cocoa. In addition, you will get to know the structure of the different projects on site and learn how your help for self-help is implemented. INTI Tours is a partner for the implementation of PERÚ PURO's trips and we are already looking forward to the next cooperation trip after the Corona pandemic...

PERÚ PURO offers organic fine flavoured cocoa, organically grown and brought directly, fairly and without middlemen from the farmers to Europe. From cultivation to the finished product, Dr. Arno Wielgoss and Dr. Frauke Fischer, as the founding team, are directly involved and can thus influence all production steps. The aim is not to make a high monetary profit as quickly as possible, but to make a "good deal" for everyone in the truest sense of the word.

For some years now, we have been organising trips to Bolivia for the Bolivianische Kinderhilfswerk e.V..The association offers these trips to parents, families, friends and interested people in order to give them the opportunity to gain an insight into the activities of their children, siblings, friends and to experience how they work and work in the various projects in Bolivia. The project visits are complemented by many travel highlights in fascinating Bolivia.

The Bolivianische Kinderhilfswerk e.V. is a non-profit organisation from Stuttgart and has been supporting children and young people in Bolivia for over 35 years. The aim of the association is for people of different origins to learn with and from each other in an increasingly interconnected world. In a society characterised by conflicting goals, the association wants to make decisions that are fair, efficient and sustainable at the same time. In order to overcome dependencies and to be able to communicate globally at eye level, people should be empowered to determine their own actions. GLOBAL learning - SUSTAINABLE decision-making - SELF-DETERMINED action.

In the meantime, we have a close connection with the Learn for Life Empowerment Projekt in Varanasi/India. We have already been there with two travel groups and were able to visit the Bada Asha school, the bakery, the restaurant and the sewing workshop with the shop. Children from the project guided our group through the district where they live - an unforgettable and lasting experience for all of us. Several synergies have emerged since then. For example, we have obtained mouth-nose protection masks for our clients from the sewing workshop. And a great connection has been made with Melva Mode Cafe, where you can now get some of the high quality garments from the Varanasi sewing workshop.

The Learn for Life Empowerment Projekt has three pillars:
1. The Badi Asha Schule:Badi Asha in Hindi translates as "Great Hope". The school cares for about 140 children in Varanasi free of charge.
2. The Brown Bread Bakery: The name Brown Bread Bakery stands for the Guest House, the two restaurants and the two bakeries in Varanasi and New Delhi. Here, young people can get training and find jobs.
3. The sewing workshop: Here the women of the community will be given the opportunity of independent livelihood with fair pay and dignity. All products are handmade and 100% of the sales proceeds go back into the projects.
Currently, there is another project in which young people are trained as tourist guides.

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