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Cultural commonalities and diverse arts

When traveling in Poland you will experience landscape enjoyment as well as hip city life. Germany and Poland have been connected by close cultural ties for centuries. Poland can be reached quickly and easily from Germany. A visit to Poland is often an opportunity to explore and retrace your personal family history, for example, if your ancestors came from Silesia. In the countryside, castles and estates that seem to have come from another time are fascinating. In cities such as Warsaw, Wroclaw or Krakow, the cultural diversity is surprising, and history and modern young life are juxtaposed in a unique field of tension. And of course you will encounter in Poland - as probably nowhere else - the National Socialist genocide of the Jews of Europe, which will be forever linked to the identity of every German and every Pole.

Again and again we offer special trips with cooperation partners to our closer surroundings. Here you can find current travel offers to Poland. 
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