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The treasure chest of our cultures

Europe - here are our roots, here we are at home. Special tours in Europe show you the incredible diversity of countries, languages and foods from the treasure chest of our cultures in close proximity to home. From Nordic nations in the Arctic Circle to warm Mediterranean countries, Europe's more than 50 countries offer up-and-coming modern cities as well as witnesses to ancient civilizations and beautiful landscapes.

Thanks to the common currency in nearly 30 EU countries and relaxed border crossings, travel within Europe is extremely easy. INTI Tours organizes selected special and thematic tours to various European countries always on the trail of the beauty and rich history of this glorious continent.

Hike in the natural regions of the unknown Italian Cilento or enjoy a yoga walking retreat in Austria. Discover the origins of culinary delicacies such as olive oil from Puglia or wine from Portugal. Immerse yourself in the secrets of antiquity in Cyprus, Greece, Italy and Spain.

Just keep checking back for current travel offers to the most beautiful regions of our home continent.

Welcome to Europe!

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